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All you have to do is change your SMTP server in Eudora to localhost, and take your SMTP setting from Eudora and add it into MSGTAG - this is how the mail gets put through MSGTAG on your desktop, and how the tag is added.  

There are screenshots below to take you through the whole thing, in case you haven't done it in Eudora before, and to show you how to do the manual part in MSGTAG.

How to configure Eudora for MSGTAG

  1. Go to My Computer and look in the Eudora directory for the directory extrastuff. In this folder there is a file named esoteric.epi. Drag this file into the main Eudora directory.

  2. From the Tools menu of Eudora, choose Options....

    check Eudora options

  3. Click on the Sending Mail icon.

    check Eudora sending mail

  4. Copy the SMTP Server: field details onto a piece of paper -- we'll use this SMTP setting in MSGTAG, and you'll need to copy it back in here if MSGTAG still isn't working properly.

  5. Check that you've copied down the current SMTP Server: setting correctly and then change it from what is there to localhost. Make sure you don't make a typo here.

  6. Check that Secure Sockets when Sending is set to Never. If it is set to anything else, then MSGTAG won't work with your setup and you will need to go back and change the SMTP server setting back to the way it was.

  7. Click the OK button.

  8. Click on the Ports icon.

  9. Check that the SMTP port (25): field is blank - if it isn't then write the number on a piece of paper.

  10. Click the OK button.

    You have successfully configured Eudora. If it says to restart Eudora, then do so, but you don't need to have it closed to proceed to the MSGTAG setup. It's important to go on to set up MSGTAG straight away, otherwise when you try to send an e-mail and Eudora can't find MSGTAG, your email won't get sent.

Adding SMTP settings to MSGTAG manually

  1. Start up MSGTAG. You can do this by clicking on the capsule icon in the system tray of your taskbar (usually on the bottom right of your screen).


    Click the Start button, choose Programs, then click the MSGTAG folder then the MSGTAG program icon.

  2. When you start MSGTAG, a wizard may automatically come up to help you.
    • If it's the one shown in the screenshot below, then click Manual Setup, then skip step 3) and go to step 4).
    • If it is another wizard, then click Cancel, then proceed to step 3).
    • If there is no wizard, then proceed to step 3).

    start of setup wizard

  3. Click on the Options button, select Tools and then select Mail Accounts ...

  4. If there are any mail accounts in the list then let's get rid of them and start with a clean slate:
    1. Select the account and click Remove.
    2. When it says 'Are you sure you want to remove this account?' click Yes.
    3. When the next dialog asks you if you want to restore your old e-mail client settings click No.
    4. If a dialog comes up saying that you have to restart your e-mail program for the changes to take effect, click OK.
    5. Repeat from step a). until there aren't any accounts shown in the list.

  5. Click on the Add button on the Mail Accounts window.

  6. The New Mail Account Wizard will appear. Type in a friendly account name into the Account name: text field such as "My mail".

  7. Click Next.

  8. Type in the SMTP setting that you copied onto paper from Eudora into the SMTP server: text field, (it will be something like or

  9. The SMTP server port: should almost always be 25, but if you copied another number from Eudora in step 9) of the Eudora section, then put that number in instead.

  10. Click Next.

  11. We've already done this step, so you can just click Finish.

  12. Now you should see the account listed with the friendly name you gave it in the Account column, and (or whatever it was) in the SMTP Server column. If they are not correct then you'll need to go back through the MSGTAG part of the steps and try again.

  13. Click Close.

    You have successfully configured MSGTAG. Now it's time to give it a test.

    Open up Eudora and send yourself a test e-mail. Just write a normal e-mail and send it to your own e-mail address. Once it's been sent, wait a minute or two and then check for new mail, and you should see the e-mail you sent to yourself in your inbox. Open the e-mail and you should see a MSGTAG footer at the bottom of it. If you don't then the test has failed. If you do, then all is probably well. Wait a few minutes and click "Send/Receive" again: there should be an e-mail there letting you know that you've just read the e-mail you sent yourself. If you got the notification then you're all done!

    So, there you have it. If this doesn't work, then it's very important that you change your Eudora SMTP setting back to whatever it was, otherwise your e-mail won't be able to go out. The screenshots should help you put things back to how they were. If you get really stuck and e-mail doesn't seem to be going out at all now, then go to the MSGTAG contact page and send us an e-mail with the words ATTENTION URGENT at the top and then your name and email address.

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